Facebook still dominates social, but growth is slowing

SHAFAQNA – Facebook is the king of all social media, and has been for so long that I bet you I could find at least 100 articles, easily, about how the company was THISCLOSE to falling, and how every new site was ready to take it down.

So just how precarious is Facebook’s position and how close is it to crumbling? Not very close at all, actually, at least according to data out from the Pew Research Internet Project.

While the site platued in 2014 among adults in the United States, remaining at the 71% level it attained in 2013, but it still towers above the rest.

It also has huge engagement numbers, with 70% using with the site on a daily basis, and 45% using it several times a day (guilty as charged!). In 2013, only 63% were using the site every day.

That being said, you can’t ignore the growth of some of its competitors in the social space. LinkedIn, for example, climbed 6%, while Pinterest, a much closer rival to Facebook, grew 7%, and Twitter saw its percentage of online adults go up five points.

The biggest gainer, though, was also a boon to Facebook: Instagram, a company that it owns, went up an impressive 9% year-to-year. Instagram hit a milestone of 300 million users in December. The report also found that, for the first time, around half of adults, aged 18-29, now use Instagram. And half of all Instagram users, use the site daily.

As for the other networks, only 17% of Pinterest users go onto the site every day, while the same can be said of 36% of Twitter users, and a mere 13% of LinkedIn users.

Here are some of the other findings from the Pew report.

First, more than half of the 81% of adults in the United States who use the Internet are now on at least two social media sites. That is a big increase from only 42% in 2013. It also found that Facebook, though its percentage did not increase, did really well with old people, as more than half of those 65 and older now use it. That comes out to be 31% of the senior citizen popular in America.

LinkedIn also reached a milestone, with the share of Internet users with college educations using the site reaching 50% for the first time. And, finally, it found that women love Pinterest (we already knew that, didn’t we?), as 42% of them now use the platform, compared with only 13% of men.

Source : http://vator.tv/news/2015-01-10-facebook-still-dominates-social-but-growth-is-slowing

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