Fars News/Friday Prayers Leader of Najaf: Iraqis are ready to defend Iraq, we do not need foreigners


SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Hojjatol Islam Seyyed Sadreddin Qapanchi, the Friday Prayers Leader of Najaf stressed: The Iraqis can free Iraq from Da’esh in a short time. He added: Shia Muslims are ready to defend all Iraq without exceptions. He added: The official Iraqi army and volunteers are getting ready to cleanse Neinawa soon and it is strange that the US army cheif said that the war against Da’esh will last 3-4 years. Qapanchi pointed to the fact that the international community is not serious enough to fight Da’esh and said: The US also is not ready to equip Iraq with necessary weapons. He stressed: Iraq does not need foreign soldiers or advisors but Iraqi army needs modern weapons.

Source: Fars News




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