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Fars News/Member of Kurdish Parliament: USA wants to set up a military airbase in Erbil

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – According to Fars News reporter, USA intends to set up a military airbase in “Hareer” Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan. This airport was built in Saddam’s era and is situated near Erbil about 60 miles from Iranian border. According to high ranking Iraqi security official who told Fars News: USA has already sent a request to Kursdish officials for taking over the airport and the Kurds are preparing the airport to hand it to the Americans. The area which the Hareer Airport is situated has strategic importance as it is near borders of Iran, Turkey and Syria.

Masood Haidar, a member of the Kurdish parliament told Fars News: the issue of the American airbase is unknown to many members of the Kurdish parliament. This issue must be agreed between Iraq and USA and all members of parliament must know about it. Khaled Seraj, a political analyst told Fars News: Hareer Airport or Spiker base or Ainol Assad base or Ibrahim bin Ali region, are all areas which the USA looking to set up military airbases in order to dominate the region. He stressed: Setting up military airbase in Iraqi Kurdistan is US’s intention and the American government is preparing the causes for this by creating crisis in the region. Washington wants to weaken the resistance in Lebanon, Iran and Syria to strengthen Israel, as well as dominate the oil resources.

Source: Fars News

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