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Farsnews/ Iranians show strong support for Islamic Revoulotion

SHAFAQNA – Millions of Iranians in Tehran and other cities across the country have poured to the streets to show their unconditional support for the Islamic Republic through staging massive rallies on February 11th, marking the 36th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Huge masses of people from all walks of life have taken to the streets and squares all over the country since morning to express their support for the cause and ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

More than 1,850 Iranian and foreign journalists and reporters are covering the Bahman 22 (February 11) rallies this year.

In Tehran, demonstrators have congregated at the Azadi Square, Tehran’s main square and the site of major national rallies over the past three decades.

This year’s rallies are even more important than ever as they show wide public support for country’s policy in the nuclear talks with the world powers which are at a crucial stage now.

On Monday, President Hassan Rouhani asked people to stage massive participation in the February 11 rallies to show their all-out support for the Islamic establishment to the whole world, specially the powers.

“The February 11 is a day of national celebration and the Iranian nation’s day,” Rouhani said in a statement on Monday.

“Undoubtedly, we can go through economic problems and the nuclear negotiations more easily with the high massive turnout of the Iranian nation in the February 11 rallies, and we can stand against expansionists in all the international issues more powerfully and defend the Iranian nation’s rights more easily and at lower costs,” he added.

In addition to the annual theme of renewing support for the revolution and Islamic establishment, this year ralliers are due to shout protest against the sacrilegious moves made against Islam, including the cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) published by the French Weekly Charlie Hebdo, and also express solidarity with the regional nations’ revolution against their tyrant rulers as well as their campaign against Takfiri terrorism.

Led by the Founder of the Revolution, Imam Khomeini, Iranians confronted the forces of US-proxy Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi in late 1977 to end his oppressive, cruel and autocratic rule over the country.

By December 1978, millions of Iranians would take to the streets in protest against the policies of the Shah on a regular basis.

Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned from exile to Iran to be received by millions of cheering crowds after the departure of the Shah in mid-January 1979. Two weeks later, the country saw the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The final collapse of the Shah’s regime came on February 11 when the military renounced its loyalty to the Shah and joined the revolutionary forces.

On this day 36 years ago, people took to the streets to celebrate the collapse of the Pahlavi Dynasty and the emergence of the new era.


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