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Fatima al-Zahra Islamic Center, an Active Shia Center in El Salvador, America

SHAFAQNA- Head of the Shia Muslims Society of El Salvador described the Fatimat-ul-Zahra (SA) Islamic Center as the most active Shia institution in Central America.

Mustafa Elsalvadori said the center was launched in the Latin American country in 2004 by himself and his family.

As well as a place of worship, it serves as a religious institute and holds Islamic educational courses, he noted, adding that the center also includes a library with religious and Islamic books for the Shias of the region.

There are several Quranic classes held throughout the year and on religious occasions, different programs such as recitation of supplications and mourning rituals are organized at the center.

According to Elsalvadori, the center publishes an online magazine and has recently launched an online radio named El Minarete to spread the message of Islam.

He said there are some 150 Shias living in El Salvador all of whom are native El Salvadorians who have converted from Christianity after learning about the truth of Shia Islam.

“Through the activities of the Fatimat-ul-Zahra (SA) Islamic Center, we have managed not only to play a major role in spreading Islam, but also to pave the ground for links between the Latin and Islamic cultures,” he went on to say.

Radio El Minarete was launched in a ceremony on Monday, December 7.

It broadcasts programs in Spanish for Spanish speaking countries of the region.

El Salvador is a Central American country on the eastern coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America.

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