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Fatima bint Muhammad: Noble among all noble women

SHAFAQNA – Beyond time and space, her name remains a source of comfort, nobility, and inspiration. Of all the ladies of Islam – and there have been great many, Lady Fatima stands a queen in her own right, a tower of piety and patience before her father’s grace, a grace among God’s graces, and a soul whose shine will remain radiant as it stands purified.

A woman of fortitude, a lady of kindness and heart, her name alone has inspired prayers and bent the hardest of hearts to the beauty of Islam.

She is know as al-Zahara, the Lady of Light – that she was, and so much more … She was after all the daughter of Muhammad, prophets of all prophets, the best of God’s creation – both the redemption and the path, both salvation and guidance.

A woman of Islam, our Lady Fatima had the heart of her father  … still, many were those who failed her. Still, many were those who allowed for her eyes to shed tears, when they should have carried her burden and eased her path.

A grand lady of Islam – pearl among pearls, Lady Fatima was made to endure great many injustices by those very souls which once vowed to uphold the Word and never stray. But stray they did …. still, for all their plotting, and lies, our Lady’s path remained forever fair. Her refuge was not in men, but with God, her lips prayed not for men’s favours … She was Fatima bint Muhammad, she was the Lady of Light, she was the Prophet’s joy, and the First Imam’s heart … she remains our most beloved Lady of Islam.

Fatima it was written would become one of Islam’s most cried martyrs … Fatima it was written was to depart soon after her father.

Maybe we ought to remember what a legacy she left behind, what infinite grace still echoes at the mention of her name. Our lady Fatima was like no other … through her and from her God would rise the youth of paradise, through her and from her a legacy was to be born, a line which would remain as unbroken, unblemished, and untarnished, as her faith.

In the year 11 A.H, immediately after the Prophet Muhammad had returned from Hajj, he became ill. As he lay in his daughter’s house,  he called upon the House to witness his last words, and advices.

According to Ibn Abbas (as reported by Sheikh Mufeed) when the Prophet was on his deathbed people saw him cry so much that his beard and shirt became wet with tears. Somebody asked him, “What makes you cry so much, Oh Messenger of Allah?”

The Prophet answered,”I am crying for my progeny (Ahlulbayt) against whom many crimes will be committed by my Ummah (community) after my death.

“It is as if I can see my daughter Fatima being oppressed and hear her calling out ‘Oh father,’ but none from my Ummah will come to her help.”

On hearing this Lady Fatima began to weep.

The Prophet said, “Do net weep, my daughter. “I’m not weeping for what will befall on me but because I will be separated from you, O Messenger of Allah.”

The Prophet then said,”Rejoice, daughter of Muhammad, for you will be the first one among the Ahlulbayt to follow me.”

The Prophet finally left this world, his last words to her were: ”Daughter am leaving you; Peace be on you from me.”


An example to follow and emulate Lady Fatima was faith perfected, she will remain Islam’s most beloved women, and heroin.

In the face of utmost hardship, in the face of injustice and infamy – when her rights were denied and the sanctity of her home violated she never once departed from her grace, she never once spoke words of revenge or retaliation. Instead, she showed resilience and patience, instead, she demonstrated what strength flows from the belief that God is Judge among all other judges, and Fair above all Fairness.

When her name was spoken in anger by those who claimed themselves of the companions, when violence claimed her unborn child, and harm came to her for a few thought they could make the House yield, Lady Fatima did not cower, or withdrew – she stood, and towered.

She was Fatima bint Muhammad, she was the Lady of Light.

As she mourned and wept for her father our Lady Fatima wrote the following lines:

“… Father, peoples’ intentions have changed and doors have been closed on my face so I hate this world after you; my tears shall be shed for you…”

“… Father we became – after you – as the oppressed. Father! People ignored us after you.”

“… How pained I am for you until I soon join you…”

As we remember her passing, we should mourn at the pain she was made to endure … we ought to remember the evil she faced for too many dared not stand by and in her light.

As night is falling once more, let us remember Fatima bint Muhammad, let us remember the strength she gifted the world until none was left for her. Let us honour her name at a time when so many would like us to turn away.

Let us keep her name alive in our prayers so that some of her light may light all of our way … until such time when one of her sons, the prophet’s progeny returns to shine his own.

Until such day when Light returns, let us remember those departed, let us remember our Lady of Light.

She was Fatima bint Muhammad … daughter, wife and mother. She was a Lady of Islam!

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna








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