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Fatimah (A.S.)


SHAFAQNA-In the meaning that the chief of the Muslim Women, Fatima, is an exemplary character for them, all over the world! 1. Mary is respectable for one relationship; That is, of Jesus Christ But Fatima is respectable For three relationships. 2. Firstly, she was a daughter of the Holy Prophet, Who is a Guide For the first and the last people. 3. Who infused a new Spire into the Body of the world, And created a new Age, With a new Constitution*! 4. Secondly, she was the wife of the Prince of “Hal-Ata” With whom Allah is pleased;  Who was a helper of the oppressed, And who was a “Lion of Allah”   5. He was a King, whose Place Was a Hut, And whose asset never A Sword and a Coat-of-Mail! 6. Thirdly, she was the mother Of that Central Point Of the Compasses of Love, And the Chief of the Caravan Of Love; 7. Who was a Candle In the Might Chamber Of Ka’ba, And who was a defender Of the Unity of the Muslims! 8. Just to avoid a conflict Between the Muslims, He rejected the Crown And the Signet! 9. She was also the mother Of another worthy son, Who was a Friend of the Pious And who was a Strength For the arms of all Freedom-loving people! 10. In fact, it was Hussain, Who imparted Pathos To the Tune of Life, And it was Hussain, Who taught a lesson of “Freedoms” To the followers of “Truth”! 11.  So, the real builders Of the character of Sons Are mothers, And the qualities Of “Truth” and “Purity” in them, Can be developed by mothers! 12. Fatima is the Harvest Of the Field of Submission To the Will of God; And she is a perfect pattern For all the Muslim Women! 13. To help a beggar, Her heart became tender To such a degree, That she sold her mantle To a Jew! 14. Angels as well as genni Were obedient to her! Her will was lost In the will of her husband” 15. Since she was instructed With Patience and Submission To the Will of God, She recited the Holy Quran, While she was busy With the hand-mill! 16. She didn’t weep With the fear of Allah, While lying on the bed, But wept during her Prayer! 17. So Gabriel picked up Her Tears from the earth, And scattered them Like the Dew-drops Upon the Divine Throne 18. I am bound to the Divine Law, And I have a great regard For the order Of the Holy Prophet; 19. Otherwise, I would have Encompassed her grave, And would do obeisance To the same!Â

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