FBI to hold briefing on explosion at Colorado NAACP office

SHAFAQNA – Federal investigators are holding a news conference on Friday afternoon to discuss the explosion that rocked NAACP offices Tuesday morning in Colorado Springs, Colo. The FBI says it is working to determine whether the act was one of domestic terrorism against the prominent civil rights group. The explosion did not hurt anyone, and the building sustained minimal damage, according to a USA Today report.

Fortunately, the improvised explosive device did not ignite the can of gasoline it was next to.

NAACP workers were said to be shaken by the supposed bombing, but indicated they did not know why someone would target them. The office is located in a building that also houses Mr. G’s Hair Design Studios, a salon, and the explosion happened closer to that business’s part of the building.

Although individuals on Twitter have jumped to call it a “bombing” of the NAACP offices, but police so far are only calling it an explosion.

Both investigators and the NAACP office asked for the public’s help in finding out who did it, with the search narrowing on a white, balding man who is about 40 years old who was spotted driving a newer model dirty white pickup truck with a dark bed liner.

The joint statement says that the investigation is a “high priority” and will include both local and federal law enforcement personnel. Regardless of who was targeted, police called the bombing unacceptable and that it would be prosecuted fully.

The assumption that the NAACP was bombed arises from the racial tensions that have been heightened in the United States, with the recent killings of unarmed black men like Michael Brown and Eric Garner by white police officers leading to sometimes violent protests across the nation.

The local office had reopened for business by Tuesday afternoon.


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