Feb 14 Coalition : Death sentence is a regime terrorist under US – British sponsor

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – February 14 coalition praised what he described as the “attitude of self-praise for whom sentences death” recently in Bahrain. He said in a statement that these verdicts are “political judgments already formed,” has “Al Khalifa consistently released on”, and that the ruling Khulaifi, Hamad Isa al-Khalifa,has role in it. Coalition explained that these verdicts are a “several repression of Al-Khalifa and Saudi Arabia” that are meant to torture activists  and terrorize  them under US-British sponsorship”. He said in the statement that the situation that has emerged with the activists , and the position of their families, “crush” all the hopes that “the dictator Hamad experienced in the elimination of flame rising cashing revolution.”
Regarding the speech sentenced to death, Abbas Samie, the coalition said that he “put points on the characters.”

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