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Fighting ISIL pretext for US to Balkanize Syria, Iraq: International lawyer

SHAFAQNA- International lawyer Barry Grossman says fighting against ISIL is a pretext for the United States to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Balkanize Syria and Iraq.

“Conventional military wisdom since Vietnam recognizes that the battle against ISIS (or ISIL) cannot be won with airstrikes; but it is also clear that the political moves underway in favor of war, in favor of military intervention, are less concerned with ISIS than with advancing the project to Balkanize Syria and Iraq, while toppling President Assad in the process,” he told Press TV on Tuesday.

“It becomes clear that the agenda is far less about stopping ISIS than advancing the larger US regional agenda on the back of the ISIS threat,” Grossman added.

He made the remarks as fighting is still going on in Syria’s border town of Kobani. The battle in Kobani goes on as the US-led coalition continues airstrikes against ISIL positions on the outskirts of the strategic town.

“The fall of Kobani was inevitable and it seems as if the Kurdish forces are again being played as they were when the US security apparatus encouraged them to mobilize in opposition to Saddam Hussein back in 1991, only to leave them posted after Washington made a political decision not to provide the material support they needed,” the lawyer explained.

“The US has been encouraging the Kurds to fight President Assad since 2011 and more recently to take the fight to ISIS, but it’s difficult to see an outcome, which does not involve them paying a very heavy price,” he said.

“As dire as the situation may be, it’s difficult to understand how the current US strategy of military intervention can achieve anything other than more destruction,” he stated.

Grossman also said the dire situation in Kobani underscores the US strategy of combating ISIL is futile and ineffective.

“If the US strategy cannot stop a mere 9,000 insurgents in a concentrated area in and around Kobani, then it’s already proved itself to be ill-conceived and a failure,” he said.

“The sad reality is that ISIS is a regional problem which can only be solved by regional powers with a direct stake in a solution. The US and its Atlantic world allies, if they are at all serious about containing the threat, can only help by supporting Syria, Iraq and Iran to deal with the issue, while applying all possible pressure on the KSA, Qatar, Turkey and Kuwait to stop inflaming the problem by supporting the insurgency that was initially promoted by those countries with a green light from the United States security apparatus,” he concluded.



Source: Press TV


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