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First Italian translation of Sadi’s Bustan published

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SHAFAQNA- Mehr News Agency: An Italian publication has brought out the first Italian edition of ‘Bustan’ by Persian poet Sa’di of Shiraz (1210-1292).

The book titled ‘Sa’di di Shiraz, Il Verziere (Bustān)’ has been translated and noted by Carlo Saccone, an Iranologist and associate professor of Persian Language and Literature at the University of Bologna.

Sa’di of Shiraz (1210-1292) is widely recognized as one of the greatest masters of the classical literary tradition. Among Persian scholars, he is known as ‘the master orator’. His best-known works are Bustan (Orchard), completed in 1257, and Gulistan (Rose Garden), completed in 1258.

He was a popular poet among Renaissance philosophers. His humanitarian ideas were referred to in ethical discussions dealing with toleration, moderation and empathy.

His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages.

The first Italian translation of Gulistan came out in 1873. Later in 1889, Italian expert in Iranian studies Italo Pizzi (1849-1920) published another translation of the book.

There has been no other Italian translation of Sa’di’s works published in the past 100 years.

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