First photo of Chinese citizen fighting on behalf of ISIS was released by the Iraqi Defence Ministr

SHAFAQNA- The Iraqi Defence Ministry has posted on its Facebook page photographsthat it says show a captured Chinese man who was fighting on behalf of the Islamic State.

Iraqi officials have not released further details, but the photographs, if confirmed, would be the first visual evidence of a Chinese citizen fighting with the Islamic State, which has members from around the world, including the United States. Both the leader of the Islamic State and a Chinese diplomat said this summer that Chinese fighters had joined the group.

The first of the Defence Ministry’s photographs, posted Monday, shows an Iraqi soldier holding up a muscular, Asian-looking man with a severely bruised and bloodied face. The man is wearing an olive-green camouflage T-shirt, pants, black gloves and an armband with white Arabic lettering on a black background.

A second photograph shows the man curled on rocks on the ground, with cuts and scrapes visible on his stomach and left elbow.

Arabic text accompanying the photographs says “Chinese Da’ash,” using what is roughly an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State.

As of Thursday afternoon, the pictures had been shared more than 1,200 times and “liked” more than 9,500 times. The Iraqi Defence Ministry did not say what evidence it had that the fighter was Chinese.

Source: National Post

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