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University staff should attend to religious affairs of youth

A source of emulation, based in Najaf, called for the attention to the youth by the university staff and professors.

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Public interest in religious concepts have increased: Imam Khamenei
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World s plight today is due to ignoring Quran s advise to distrust oppressors: Imam Khamenei
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By executing 2030 agenda, they seek to train footmen and soldiers for US and UK
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ہماری دعا ہے کہ خبیث آل سعود بہت جلد نابودہو/ وہابیت کی اساس و بنیاد ہی بےگناہوں کے خون بہانے پر ہے
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ویٹیکن میں ایران کے سفیر کی آیت اللہ اعرافی سے ملاقات
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