2020-08-06 09:29:06 - WHO News

New Science Council to be established

As a science-based institution, WHO is always striving to be at the forefront of scientific progress and its potential to improve health for all. A new WHO Science Council comprising international experts from a broad range of disciplines will support WHO in interpreting cutting-edge scientific and medical knowledge, as well as the latest advances in technology.The Science Division s Research for Health department will facilitate the Council s work in advising on WHO s top science, research, and innovation priorities, focusing on areas of greatest urgency and identifying the biggest gaps in evidence. The Council s recommendations will be given to the Director-General as part of an expansion of the scope of the science underpinning WHO s public health work. New global health challenges are increasingly accompanied by rapid advances in science technology, including solutions that arise in nonmedical fields and which employ innovative techniques. In accordance with WHO s directing and coordinating role in health, the Organization is seeking advice from the Science Council on state-of-the-art evidence-based responses to health challenges. The terms of reference for the Science Council, along with information on the call for nominations, are here.

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