Forum highlights common grounds between Muslims, Christians

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- In a series of meetings between a delegation from Quran and Hadith University and Orthodox Christian clerics, the importance of interfaith dialogue and the commonalities of Divine religions, particularly Shiism and Orthodox Christianity were highlighted.

According to the public relations and information office of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the meetings were organized by the Iranian Cultural Center in Athens, Greece.

The sessions were attended by a number of clerics of the Orthodox Church in Naupactus town in Greece and the Iranian group of lecturers and Quran experts of the university headed by Hojat-ol-Islam Tabataba’i and Mohammad Hussein Mozaffari, Iranian cultural attaché in Greece.

The two parties discussed various religious and international issues and investigated methods of developing cultural and religious cooperation between the scientific and religious centers of the two countries.

Addressing one of the sessions, the head of the church stressed the importance of religious interactions between Iran and Greece and the role of religious leaders particularly in today’s world to promote mutual understanding between Muslims and Christians.

Also speaking at the programs was Hojat-ol-Islam Tabataba’i who highlited the importance of interfaith dialogue and the commonalities among Divine religions, particularly the common viewpoints between Shia school of thought and Orthodox Christianity.

He said that a study in religious commonalities can pave the way for the proximity of followers of Divine religions and their cooperation to face today’s challenges.

As a speaker of the last session, Mozaffari described the meetings as a step to develop relations between scientific and religious centers of the two countries.





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