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France is not living up to its promises says Council of Europe

SHAFAQNA – A new report issued by the Council of Europe has blasted France for failing to uphold its humanitarian promises towards Syrian refugees.

Although France has actively partook in a global war efforts against Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, ferrying weapons and funds to the opposition, Paris has done little else said the Council of Europe.

Since 2011 and despite a rising number of refugees pouring out of Syria every month, France only awarded 500 Syrian nationals the refugee status. Desperate Syrians in France have had to live in abject condition, abandoned by the French authorities and shun by local communities.

According to reports from France, over 2,000 refugees live in a shantytown called ‘the Jungle’ in the northern port city of Calais. Refugees have rioted over the poor treatment and discrimination they suffer at the hands of French and English authorities, and have even been forced to camp in the total isolation of nearby forests.

French officials have yet to react to the report.


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