France vows to continue ISIL airstrikes in Iraq

SHAFAQNA– France , Sep 24, France has vowed to continue its military operations against ISIL militants until the Iraqi army would be able to gain the upper hand in its battle against the Takfiri terrorists operating in the Middle East region.

According to the reports, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Wednesday said: “This military commitment has taken the form of aerial operations over Iraqi territory. We will not however deploy French ground troops. We will stay committed however for as long as is needed for the Iraqi army to gain the upper hand over Daesh (ISIL).”

Valls repeated his country’s call for a European Union defense strategy, saying France’s involvement in Iraq was in Europe’s interest.

French Defense Minster Jean-Yves L

France vows to continue ISIL airstrikes in Iraq

e Drian also said his country would “continue airstrikes in the coming days.”

The remarks by France come a day after a series of bombings carried out by ISIL terrorists, which targeted a military base in the volatile Iraqi city of Fallujah, killed about 700 soldiers.

French President Francois Hollande announced the beginning of France’s airstrikes against ISIL on Friday.

Source: IRIB


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