France’s laicity debate really calls for the criminalization of religion

SHAFAQNA – Needless to say that this Summer has been a difficult one for Democracy and Freedom in the Old Continent as a certain political elite has worked to disappear civil liberties while arguing national sovereignty, righteous legitimacy, and counter-terrorism.

France in this sad democratic devolution has towered a beacon of unapologetic fascism, exuding fear and prejudices to rationalise, excuse and very much legitimize the tyranny it has worked to embed in its institutions – the new norm to be had, the only reality Society will ever be tolerated to abide by.

France today has declared war on Islam so that its laicity and secularism could reign unchecked, undisturbed and more importantly unchallenged.

France today has declared war on Islam … only Muslims will not be the only victims.

With the criminalization of Islam, it is really the death of all religions the French Republic wants to claim for itself. Islam here, serves but a front and a convenient scapegoat to an indoctrinated populace whose bias has been engineered through decades of careful socio-political engineering and remapping.

Liberalism I am afraid to say is playing Western Society for a fool. Liberalism ambitions to recreate Society to its image by imposing a specific format, a specific way to be and way to think, allowing for no personal freedom, and no critical thinking.

Liberals and secularists are arguing today that Islam, and religions in general, are inherently backward, crude and irrelevant. Beyond that, liberalism is actually arguing God’s very existence, postulating that He ought to be driven from the public sphere so that the age of Men could firmly be asserted.

This I’m afraid is not Freedom! There is no Freedom, no Liberty and no Glory to be had in negating God, and claiming oneself divine. I urged you not to be fooled by Liberalism’s alluring promises of empowerment as it sneers at religious obligations and calls for modesty. Under a shiny veneer of intellectual deceit Liberalism is calling upon Society and all people to deny God. Like a siren Liberalism is calling people to turn their faces away from the Scriptures and reject which was made apparent to them, so that, they, could rise as little divinities and assume control over their own destiny …

This is the illusion of Liberalism! This is what secularism really entails – a social construct devoid of faith, an empty shell of a humanity.

Allow me here to quote the Quran as the Truth contains is particularly relevant to the situation at hand: “Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried?

But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars.

Or do those who do evil deeds think they can outrun Us? Evil is what they judge. Whoever should hope for the meeting with Allah – indeed, the term decreed by Allah is coming. And He is the Hearing, the Knowing.

And whoever strives only strives for [the benefit of] himself. Indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds.” – Quran Al Ankabut 29:2-29:6

How long before we realise that Islam and Muslims have been but pawns in this great game for power Liberals have played? How long before all religious minorities and free-thinking folks are called to Liberalism altar only to be sacrificed in the name of righteous outrage and modernism?

The French state has excluded and exploited Muslims for decades. The intensity of this assault varies, but the Wahhabi-led attacks in Paris in January and November of last year, and in Nice and Rouen in 2016, have sent it to fever pitch.

Of the 3,500 raids conducted since the start of that period, only six have led to investigations. In December, authorities in Eure et Loire admitted that they were targeting Muslims on a purely “preventive” basis, without any specific evidence against them. In other words, Muslims have been victimised on the premise that doing so would help defuse fear and offer France a vengeful outlet … notwithstanding sadist satisfaction.

A ferocious escalation of Islamophobic propaganda from all quarters of French culture and politics accompanies these measures. According to Abdellali Hajjat and Marwan Mohammed, “the construction of the ‘Muslim problem’ over recent years constitutes one of the main vectors for French and even European elites’ unification” across the political spectrum.

Islamophobia has become, they say “the very ground on which the organizational and ideological future of the French right is most directly played out.”

You may wonder why France has taken such an aggressive lead against Muslims. I would offer here my own analysis: demographic.

There are around five million Muslims living in France today, that’s about 7.5 percent of the total population, and the largest share of any country in Europe. If France can manage to tame its Muslim population by caging and disappearing its people, then logic would assume that such a policy would apply everywhere else in Europe.

France you will note has argued that Islam stands a foreign entity on the Old Continent. France here is making a case against the proverbial “other”, this unwanted foreigner whose miasmas will undoubtedly pervert and pollute an otherwise perfectly European social set-up. This dear reader is what fascism looks like from up close.

There is nothing foreign about Islam, safe maybe from its point of origin, but then again all Abrahamic faiths were born under the Sun of Arabia. Arguing geography to somewhat measure worth is insanity.

Islam, like Christianity and Judaism are vessels to God’s Message to humanity. Their purpose and the intent behind the Scriptures are therefore absolutely universal, and cannot be reduced to one community, one nation, or one culture.

One cannot own the Word of God. One cannot claim ownership over God by proclaiming His Truth to be his or her garden.

In its vengeful crusade against religions France has argued the intolerance and radicalism it says emanates from Islam. Only again this is not true.

Islam does not call for intolerance, it preaches tolerance and forbids injustice. Wahhabism on the other hand stands an infamy against all people and all faiths. The same Wahhabism France has courted for great many decades for its kings had billions to offer.

France victimises the innocent so that it could raise an empire of fear over Europe and manifest under Secularism flag what Wahhabism manifested in the hijaz – abominable slavery.

You will find dear readers that Liberalism and Wahhabism, like all other forms of fascism are in fact two facets of the same coin, working towards the same unforgiving agenda.

By Catherine Shakdam for the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies




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