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France’s Macron to visit Iraq, Lebanon in February

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SHAFAQNAEmmanuel Macron is set to visit Iraq and Lebanon in February for the first time since he was elected president in May 2017.

According to Le Figaro, Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, will leave Paris for an official visit to meet with his counterparts in Beirut and Baghdad for four days from February 11 to 14.

Macron’s stay will be two days in each country, but it is not yet clear which will be his first destination.

“The reconstruction of will be at the center of the talks between the head of state and his counterpart in Baghdad,” the paper wrote.

Macron “congratulated Abdul-Mahdi on the occasion of his mandate to form the Iraqi government, wishing him and his government success,”

On Oct. 20, Macron congratulated Adil Abdul-Mahdi on his election as prime minister-designate, wishing him and his government success to form the new Iraqi government and present a cabinet to address issues plaguing the war-torn nation, kurdistan24 reported.

“France will continue to stand by Iraq and the Iraqi people for the months and years to come in the areas of reconstruction, humanitarian aid, as well as politics”, Macron expressed.

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