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#Freethe3 social media campaign reaches new heights

SHAFAQNA – If Saudi Arabia’s many grave human rights violations remain largely unaddressed by state officials for facing the kingdom equates those days to political and/or financial suicide, activists have relentlessly exposed and spoken against the brutality of the regime – the voices of truth in an ocean of hypocrisy.

The oppressed are no longer standing alone – their voices are being carried by a loyal army of volunteers, and activists. For all the violence and abject humiliations al-Saud has imposed on communities on account of their faith, their ethnicities, or their political persuasions, a movement is being risen, a resistance is being organized – one which could soon wash away Riyadh barbaric rule, to better reclaim and affirm the people’s right to choose.

Underneath it all, regardless of the many different rationales which have been offered to the media to legitimize the killing, maiming, slaughtering, and imprisoning of thousands of men and women across the region: Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Riyadh has pursued power. It is a dominion over Men which Riyadh is looking to carve; it is the name of their House and their House alone, those tyrants want communities to worship.

But some voices simply cannot be silenced.

Some voices simply cannot tire of speaking truth in the face if injustice.

Some words as it were, have an echo so deep that they can move mountains. It is such words #Freethe3 campaign is spreading all across social media.
Spread across several continents this army of the willing is building up a storm in support of the oppressed, in the name of the innocent, so that justice could ring once more.

Despite the dangers many individuals may face, despite the threats and warnings of retaliations against family members #Freethe3 has remained steadfast, anchored in the knowledge that some stand are worthy not because you stand in majority, but in righteousness.



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