French teacher suffers unjust witch-hunt – Freedom of Expression in France


SHAFAQNA – Under the cover of its state of emergency Paris has allowed for an insidious intellectual witch-hunt to be carried out against all those the “Establishment” feels stands beyond its pre-ordained narrative.

Today one teacher is speaking up!

Professor Salah Lamrani, a French Literature Middle School tenured teacher in the Paris popular suburb of Seine Saint Denis (which population is majority Arabic-Muslim) made the terrible mistake of exercising his freedom of expression at a time when words and ideas have very much become the property of the state.

A blogger and translator with his own personal views, Mr Lamrani was castigated by a system which still claims to stand and protect democratic principles, when in fact it only seeks to impose its own world views.

A Professor with great integrity, an educator and an intellectual, Mr Lamrani never allowed for his beliefs and opinions to translate into his work at school  – still he was hanged for daring having an opinion, still, he was victimized by an educational system which offers more weight to hear and say than it does fact.

Following a veritable witch-hunt against his person, his character, and his abilities as a teacher, Mr Lamrani was suspended without explanation or due process – sold out to a system which offers little justice to those who dare think outside the box. Mr Lamrani was essentially tossed out, and sold out by his peers for he desired to speak and write freely in a country which no longer offers Liberty to its nationals.

In comments to Shafaqna, Mr Lamrani explained: “A particularly authoritarian figure-head at my school was deeply angered by some of the ideas I explored in my writings, and the political standards I champion in my personal life … This lead to some rather outlandish allegations that I hold sympathies with terror. Needless to say that such claims were extremely damaging to my reputation, as both a teacher and a citizen.”

He added: “Because I publicly opposed some of the ideas the headteacher was promoting – mainly the educational reform system management fronted – I was labelled an undesirable. While most would have expected divergence of opinions to lead to healthy debates I was instead demonized and vilified to be better gotten rid off. Slanderous claims were made by parents to the Rectorate warning that I was radicalizing pupils and other niceties …”

Mr Lamrani has suffered a grave injustice … he now faces an uphill battle for his rights and civil liberties to be recognized.

A well-loved, well-respected teacher, a dedicated educator and passionate intellectual was targeted for he dared argue Resistance against oppression as a principle, and freedom of expression as an inherent and inalienable right.

Shafaqna will be following the story closely!

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna






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