French translation of Imam Sajjad’s work released in Senegal


SHAFAQNA – The book, ‘Secrets of Haj’ or ‘Shebli’s Hadith’ by the forth Shi’ite Imam, Zain ul-Abedin (AS) was translated into French and released in Senegal by Iran’s Cultural Attaché in this country.

According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations department of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) this work which is in line with wisdoms of Shi’ite teachings is also available in French language in the website of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in Senegal.

The hadith narrated in this book comprises the questions raised by a pilgrim called Shebli answered by Imam Zain ul-Abedin (AS) which reflect the philosophy of Haj particularly the state of Imamate in Haj pilgrims from the view of Ahl al-Bait (members of prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


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