Friday Prayer Leader of Najaf: 4500 fighters ready to free Neynawa

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Seyyed Sadreddin Alqabanchi, the Friday Prayer Leader of Najaf, said in his yesterday’s sermon: 4500 fighters are ready to free Neynawa province and defeat Takfiri group of Da’esh. He also welcomed Iraqi Government’s new steps to re-organise military system of the country and fighting corruption as well as listening to religious scholars. He pointed to the continuation of problems between central government and the Kurdish region, saying: This problem has been going on for a long time and the only way to resolve it, is by negotiation and solving this national problem is a necessity. In another part of his sermon, Alqabanchi referred to the policies of combating Takfiris which he believes started in Saudi Arabia and pointed out to actions by Jordan and Alazhar in Egypt who are preparing themselves for an international conference fighting terrorism and spreading moderation. Alqabanchi also pointed to the situation in Bahrain and said: The Bahraini regime continues with opperssing the people who have no refuge, arresting women with their children but we invite the Bahraini people to patience and say that the divine victory is near and they should know that the Bahraini regime is on its last breath.

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