What was Gandhi’s method to fight against colonialism?

SHAFAQNA – Gandhi, a Hindu man, when decided to lead India, and to free Indian population from the claws of colonialism, had no choice but to adopt the way of prophets, and choose a simple life for himself, throw a simple cloth on his shoulder, and fasten a stone to his back, and all his asset was a goat, and used to say, I can continue life with this goat. And he told the Indian nation that if you want to be freed from the claws of colonialism, you must adopt a simple life, and after gaining freedom, then you can decide to add whatever you want to your belongings; but unless you free yourself from self-made constraints, you cannot be free. This is a kind of asceticism (Zohd), and its philosophy is freedom [1].

[1] Haq va Baatel, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 167.

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