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General and special Divine Manifestation

SHAFAQNA – The whole of existence is the manifestation of the Divine Names and Characteristics. It is mentioned in Ayah 53 of Surah Fussilat that Allah (SWT) considers the whole of existence as the Divine Signs. Of course among the Divine Manifestation, there are some very special and great Divine Signs, such as the Prophet of Islam (PBUH).

Imam Ali (AS) said: Thank God for the Divine Manifestation to the creation for the sake of creation [1]. In another occasion, Imam Ali (AS) said: God has manifested for people in the Divine Book (the holy Quran) without being seen [2]. Therefore, the whole of existence is the general manifestation of God and the Quran is the special manifestation of Allah (SWT).

[1] Sharh Nahjul Balaghah, Ibn Abel Hadeed, Vol. 7, Page 181.
[2] As Above, Vol. 9, Page 103.

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