General Election 2015: Posters telling Muslims not to vote seen in Cardiff

SHAFAQNA – Posters telling Muslims not to vote in next month’s general election have been spotted in Cardiff.

The flyers, which say “democracy is a system whereby man violates the right of Allah”, were placed on lamp-posts and bus-stops this week in Grangetown, a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood of the Welsh capital.

Many posters have already been taken down by members of the public, and the city council has said it will take measures to remove the rest.

A trustee at the Muslim Council of Wales said these posters do not represent the views of most Muslims, the BBC has reported.

Akmal Hanuk said: “It is not representing the view of the majority of Muslims. I think the majority of Muslims want to vote and will.

“From a Muslim Council of Wales perspective, we encourage them to vote and to have a say in the democratic system.”

A spokesperson for the city said it will take down flyers “that can cause offence” or are religiously motivated.

The poster reads: “Islam is the only real, working solution for the UK. It is a comprehensive system of governance where the laws of Allah are implemented and justice is observed.”

It promotes the hashtag #DontVote4ManMadeLaw, under which there is currently very little activity.

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