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General Secretary of Iraqi Hezbollah: 400 Da’eshi elements have been captured in Jarfol Sakhr operation

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In his interview with Fars News, Hossain Alramahi, General Secretary of Iraqi Hezbollah said: The recent operations of security forces, volunteers and resistance groups in Iraq proved very effective against Da’esh and will be continued in other occupied areas by the terrorists. The tactics used in Jarfol Sakhr operation will be employed in other areas with minor details, considering the climate of different areas. He added: All the equipment and plans used for freeing Jarfol Sakhr have been 100% successful and for this reason the same tactics will be used to fight Da’eshi elements in other areas. Alrahami continued: The resistance groups including Hezbollah, Ahlul Haq brigades, Alsalaam brigades and Badr organisation, have cleansed 2 other areas occupied by Da’esh and took control of them. He said: Since the start of the military operations in Jarfol Sakhr, 400 Da’eshi elements have been captured and the cleansing operations are moving towards Falujeh and Tikrit. The General Secretary of Iraqi Hezbollah stressed: The security forces and volunteers have established their grip in areas near Mosul and Samara and are moving towards Tikrit.

Source: Fars News

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