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Genetics explain coffee usage

SHAFAQNA- A new study has found that some people drink lots of coffee because of their genetics’ craving for java. According to the researchers associated with study, they have identified some genes that could be responsible for a person’s craving for coffee.

Marilyn Cornelis, who led the research, said that genes’ apparent effect is quite small. But coffee’s effect on an individual’s health could be modified with variations in such genes.

The new study examined more than 120,000 participants that have participated in about two dozen previous studies. The participants had explained how much coffee they take a day. The previous studies had also included their DNA. The new study has analyzed minute differences in their DNA that were associated with drinking more or less coffee.

According to research team, they have found about eight such variants, and two of them had already been linked to consumption of coffee.

The researchers stated that four variants have shown the genes that are involved with caffeine.

Cornelis said that the remaining two genes were surprise for researchers as there was no clear biological link to coffee or caffeine. According to Cornelis, the genes were linked with blood sugar and cholesterol level.

Study’s co-author and a nutrition researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Marian Neuhouser, said that recognizing genes related to coffee consumption could help health centers identify people who need special treatment in cutting down on coffee.

Marian Neuhouser said that as pregnant ladies are not allowed to consume caffeine more than moderate amounts due to chances of miscarriage and preterm birth, they should cut down coffee consumption. In this kind of cases, doctors can identify genes related to consumption and recommend pregnant ladies to take moderate amounts of caffeine, she added.

Neuhouser also said that none of the variants has shown how intensely a person tastes coffee.

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