George Galloway to Shafaqna – Message for Eid!

SHAFAQNA – A former MP and probably one of Britain’s most vocal and well-known politician, George Galloway is a man of many words and many fights.A nationalist and a humanist this man does not stand for non sense and injustice!
Mr Galloway is actually about to embark on a new poltiical advanture as he is campaigning to become the new Mayor of London.  “London has for too long been run in the interests of the 1% working in the city’s glittering towers, whilst the vast majority of Londoners feel that their voices are not heard”, said Galloway. “I’m running because I want to represent every piece of the mosaic of this city which I have called home for 35 years,” Mr Galloway said.

But if Mr Galloway intends to imprint his own style of policies onto the UK he will remain a fervent advocate for peace and justice across the world. A long-standing campaigner for Palestine and an advocate against Islamophobia, Mr Galloway shared with Shafaqna his message for Eid 2015.

“This year has been a tough one for the Muslim community. Not just in the UK but across the world as fanatics and despicable individuals have hijacked the teachings of Islam to paint the verses of its Quran in blood and hate.But the greatest threat to the Umma (Muslim community) is not radicalism in my mind, it is division.Should Muslims unite as a people under one banner and toward a common goal then there will no stopping them. Muslims do not have to be the victims … they do not need to live in fear and under occupation. 
The only thing really stopping the people of Islam are the people of Islam.
So for this Eid I wish all Muslims to wake up and recognize where the real enemies lie and where real danger lurks.

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