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George Galloway:West to blame over ISIL crisis

Speaking at the Friday parliamentary debate on the UK joining the US-led air strikes against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists, Galloway pointed to the Iraqi nation’s anger over “Western policies and Western invasion” and warned that further military intervention by the West will lead to the spread of terrorism and extremism.

SHAFAQNA– British lawmaker, George Galloway, has blamed Western policies in the Middle East for the creation of terrorist groups such as ISIL.

“This will not be solved; every matter will be made worse, extremism will spread further and deeper around the world just like happened as a result of the last Iraq war…. People outside can see it but the fools in here who draw a big salary and big expenses cannot or will not see it; like you with your asinine intervention.”

The British lawmaker described the debate on countering the ISIL as nothing more than “moving around imaginary armies” and noted that bombardment of ISIL positions is impossible as “they don’t concentrate as an army [and] they don’t have bases.”

The Respect Party MP slammed the ISIL as a “death cult” and urged London to provide support to other parties already engaged in the war against the Takfiri group.

“We have to strengthen those who are already fighting ISIL. We have to give them all the weapons they need. The Baghdad government has paid for weapons which have not been delivered. We have to strengthen the Kurdish fighters who are doing a good job by the way in fighting ISIL,” he said.

Galloway also accused some Arab countries of nurturing the terrorists, adding that the West should force its regional allies to fight terrorism.

“Saudi Arabia is the nest from which ISIL and these other vipers have come and by the way they do a fine line in head chopping themselves,” he said.

“Saudi Arabia has 700 war planes – get them to bomb. Turkey is a NATO member, get Turkey to bomb…. The last people who should be returning to the scene of their former crimes are Britain, France and the United States,” the British legislator pointed out.

The ISIL terrorists currently control parts of Syria and Iraq. They have carried out heinous crimes in the two countries, including mass executions and beheadings of people.

Senior Iraqi and Syria officials have blamed Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and some other Persian Gulf Arab states for the terrorism in their country.


Source: Press TV


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