God’s way of dealing with people a role model for believers to follow

SHAFAQNA – Allah (SWT) wants the connection with the created be maintained and not to be cut. If a person makes a mistake and is lacking in religious knowledge, these will not cause for the connection to be cut. In fact the greatness and kindness of Allah (SWT) necessitate that this connection to be preserved, so God ordered his Prophet (PBUH) to follow the same way and said: You are a being who must follow the same way that I deal with people, meaning you must act the same way as God. This means that O’ Prophet (PBUH), you must help people and do not reject them; this is My way, a divine way. The believers must also follow the same way, meaning there is no rejection in Islamic social manner. Rejecting is incorrect and if a wrong doing has happened, it must be tolerated, in order to guide the wrong doers to the right path [1].

[1] Ayn Al-Rajabiyyon by Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, Page 30.

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