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Golden Eagle international tourism train arrived at its first station of Iran

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SHAFAQNA- Fars become first tourism rail station of Silk Road.
Golden Eagle international tourism train named “Silk Road” arrived at its first tourism station of Iran, in Fars province.
The General Director of Fars province railway told IRNA that the train arrived at the Sa’adat Shahr subway station, located in center of Passargad city after entering the country from the Sarakhs border on the first program of travel and tourism.
“There are 19 tourists from the US, Argentina, England, Russia and Australia, and 34 Russian crew accompany them,” Gholamhossein Valadi added.
He said that these tourists will visit Shiraz, after visiting the tourist attractions of the Cyrus Tomb in Passargad and Persepolis, in the city of Marvdasht, and also visit the historical and cultural attractions of Fars province.
Tonight, Silk Road International tourism train will leave Shiraz for Isfahan and after visiting Kerman, Yazd and Mashad, leave the country from Sarakhs border, Director General of Fars province railway stressed.
This train is the second international tourist train that arrives in Fars province in October.
The Golden Eagle train entered Iran with 66 tourists and foreign crew members.
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