Google+ Now Gives Users Chance to Enhance Uploaded Videos

SHAFAQNA – You may not have known it, but Google has been making Google+ photos look better automatically.  Now it would appear that it would do something similar, if not exactly the same, with users’ videos.

When users would upload videos to Google+, they will now be prompted as to whether they want to preview the changes to the video or not.  According to Google engineer Tim St. Clair, users who would request that their videos be enhanced can enjoy improved lighting, color, and stability, and future versions of this feature would allow for speech improvements as well.  Also, the feature will be made available to Google+ Photos users, whether users upload videos via Auto Backup or directly to the app.

Unfortunately for mobile users, the feature won’t be available just yet, but Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS users can check it out for themselves and see how much better their videos would look once enhanced for Google+ or Google+ Photos.  And if you’re not sure as to whether you’d like to get your videos enhanced or not, you’ll get a chance to compare your original video to the enhanced version, albeit in 240p.   Not an ideal setting at all, but so far, feedback has been positive, as it looks like this feature does what it should to user videos.

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