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Grand Ayat. Hakim receives African students

SHAFAQNA – Senior Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saeed al-Hakim received a group of African Muslim students in his office in the holy city of Najaf on Friday, April 27 during which he advised them to make better efforts in order to promote Islamic teachings in African countries.

The Shia source of emulation also advised African students to abide by Islamic guidelines to interact with people in a kind, honest and humble manner.

The revered cleric further noted that living in peaceful coexistence, good social manners, tolerating different opinions, showing respect and compassion towards one another are among valuable Islamic teachings; “When you are faced with a rush of infidelity, the best solution is to adhere to teachings of holy prophet Muhammad (as) and his progeny to cope with the situation.” Grand Ayatollah added.

In the end, the senior cleric prayed for African students’ success and asked them to send his warm regards to all followers of Ahlulbayt (as) in their home African countries.

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