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Grand Ayatollah Safi speaks on the importance of education, and knowledge

SHAFAQNA – Speaking on the significance of education, Grand Iranian Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani, said, “Islam is the religion that has advised people to acquire knowledge and educate themselves more than any other religion,” he further stated, “The issue of propagating Islam and its teachings must be promoted by Islamic scholars, Ulama and clerics,”.

Members of the General Assembly of Seminary Teachers’ Society of Qom met with Grand Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani in the Iranian City of Mashhad.

Stressing on the importance of education and knowledge, the revered source of emulation went on, “Islam has emphasized on the significance of education and learning and I would like to ask you great scholars, clerics and seminary teachers here to engage in promoting Islamic teachings the best way you can,”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the grand jurist asserted that Mashhad Seminary is among the most accomplished Islamic Seminaries in Iran and added, “The Islamic Seminary of Mashhad used to hold courses in every special Islamic field, some of the most prominent Shia figures used to teach in Mashhad Seminary; Mashhad also used to be a religious hub, it was home to some of the best Islamic missionaries who were experts in the fields of Theology as well as Hadith.

The missionaries were experts in distinguishing varied sects and denominations and there’s a growing need for them to promote the study of theology and Hadith in order to stay on the same true path as their predecessors; in addition, their ancient Islamic books must be preserved, promoted and studied thoroughly,”.

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