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Grand Ayatollah Sobhani calls on Islamic Ummah to Support Nigerian Shia Muslims

SHAFAQNA- Speaking during his advanced principles of jurisprudence class at Qom’s Grand Mosque, Grand Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani condemned the tragic massacre of hundreds of Shiites in the northern Nigerian city of Zaria and the arrest of Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky, the Shi’ite spiritual leader of this West African country and the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

“If we merely condemn this incident hundreds of times, it is useless. Rather, we must engage in self-building and protect the Shi’as and the people of the world as this is an honourable act,” he said.

On December 13th, Nigerian forces arrested Nigeria’s highest Shia cleric after carrying out a deadly raid on his private residence. Activists and local residents said that a large number of soldiers torched and destroyed several parts of Sheikh al-Zakzaky’s house before arresting the cleric.

In other remarks, Ayatollah Sobhani added that students come to study in the Islamic Seminary of Qom from across Iran and from throughout the world and if their intent is to build themselves spiritually and promote the religion of Islam in a good and sincere manner, students must realize that the world has rose up against Shi’as throughout the world because Shi’as are not under the control of the arrogant powers.

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