SHAFAQNA – His Eminence, the grand religious authority Sayyed Muhammad Saeed al-Hakeem, called on young people, who are aware and committed, to adhere more to their religion and their faith and their original culture, and to insist on the principles they hold, in spite of the tribulations and hurricanes and the circumstances that took place. The grand ayatullah Hakim stated these during the reception of a delegation of students from Imam Al-Kadhim University in Baghdad.

According the the website Alhikmah, His Eminence stressed the need for university students to preserve their culture and symbols, and to fulfill their responsibilities in society by providing advice and guidance, and by protecting culture and true beliefs, and by deepening these beliefs, in order to harness them at the service of their religion and society, and to prevent others who target their society and want to destroy it.

At the end of the meeting, His Eminence called upon the Almighty to help them to win his satisfaction, and to accept their pilgrimage [to the holy shrine of Imam Ali (a.s.)], and asked them not to overdo their culture, which is a source of pride and glory for all.




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