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Granted Wish

SHAFAQNA – In the time of Mansur Ibn ‘Ammar, who was among the Gnostics, a rich man decided to organize a sinful ceremony. So, giving his servant four drachmas, he sent him to the market to buy food for serving the guests.

When going to the market, the servant passed by the assembly of Mansur Ibn ‘Ammar and said to himself: “I’d better stand here and listen to what Mansur Ibn ‘Ammar says.” He heard Mansur asking help for a poor from the assembly, saying: “Who will give me four drachmas so that I will ask four things for him from Allah?”

The servant of the rich man thought to himself: “It is better to give the money to Mansur and benefit from his prayer, rather than buying food and drinks for the sinners with this money.” So the servant gave the money to Mansur and said: “Ask four things for me from Allah!” Mansur said: “What would you like me to ask for you from Allah?” The servant replied: “First, ask Allah to free me from the slavery of my master! Second, ask Allah to help my master regretful! Third, that He return this four drachmas to me in some way! Fourth, that the Almighty forgive my sins and that of him, his servants and his guests altogether!”

Mansur prayed for the servant and he returned to his master without buying anything. The rich man asked his servant: “Where were you?” “O master! I gave four drachmas and bought four prayers.” The servant replied. The rich man asked about the four prayers. The servant said in reply: “First, that Allah make me free from slavery.” The master said: “I make you free in Allah’s path.” “Second, that you repent.” “I do repent,” the master replied. “Third, that Allah return me the four drachmas”

The rich man gave him another four drachmas. “And fourth,” said the servant “that the Almighty forgive you, me and all your guests.” The master answered: “I did what I could. But this last one is beyond my ability.” At night, the master dreamed of Allah revealing to him: “O servant! You did your duty, out of mercy, though you are very poor indeed. It is beyond Our Infinite Mercy that We do not do Our duty. Thus, We forgave you, your servant, and all those present in your gathering.”

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