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‘Graphic’ Muslim Day Parade in NYC makes confusion for New Yorkers

SHAFAQNA- This year’s annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City featured local community leaders and Girl Scouts marching, but included a mannequin hanging from a noose, women locked up in a cage and a man on a golden chariot whipping others dressed in military garb, to the surprise of some onlookers.

While the message may have been lost on some of the New Yorkers and tourists who encountered the parade on Madison Avenue Sunday, organisers explained that these Egyptian participants were doing this to criticise President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi’s government.

A number of conservative-leaning US news sites considered the displays excessively violent. The parade had already run into controversy in previous years when black flags associated with jihadist movements were spotted among participants; no such flags were seen this year.

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