Greatness of the soul and the pains of the body

SHAFAQNA – The believer must know that, Hussain ibn Ali (AS) is a great soul and a sacred soul. Basically, when the soul is great, the body falls into difficulty; and when the soul is small, the body is in comfort. Mutanabbi, the famous Arab poet said: when the soul is great, the body has no choice but to follow the soul, and  falls into difficulty and discomfort [1].

But the small soul follows the desires of the body, whatever body orders, it obeys. The small soul goes after a bite for the body, even by the way of begging and flattery. The small soul is after position, even by giving up the dignity. The small soul accepts any indignity because it wants to have carpets and furnishing in his house, to be comfortable and sleep well.

When the soul is great, must suffer 300 wounds in his body on the Day of Ashoura. That body which is trampled on by the hooves of the horses, is paying the penalty for the great soul, it is paying the penalty for an heroic act, paying the penalty of worshipping God and paying the penalty of the martyred soul [2].

[1] Poetical Works of Mutanabbi, Second Part, Page 267.
[2] Martyr Mortaza Motahhari Book Collection, Vol. 17, page 41.

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