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Greenpeace to Face Penalties if Interferes With Gazprom Oil Tankers: Reports

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

The international non-governmental environmental organization, Greenpeace, will be penalized should it interfere with Russian gas giant Gazprom plans to deliver oil to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Dutch newspaper Parool reported.

According to the newspaper, following a lawsuit filed by Gazprom, an Amsterdam district court decided in summary proceedings that any attempt to interfere in the passage of a Gazprom oil tanker to the port will result in a fine worth at least 50,000 euros (approximately $62,575).

According to Dutch TV and radio channel NOS, the Greenpeace vessel, Arctic Sunrise, has made its way toward the Russian tanker, Mikhail Ulyanov, though its exact location is unknown at this time.

On September 18, 2013, 28 activists and two freelance journalists were arrested by Russian authorities after trying to scale the Prirazlomnaye rig in protest of Gazprom’s activities. The whole group was then arrested, dubbed the Arctic 30, on charges of piracy and detained for 100 days. Russian border guards towed Greenpeace’s vessel used in the protest, Arctic Sunrise, to the Kola Bay. Charges against the campaigners were reduced to hooliganism and later dropped in December, according to NOS.

In August, Arctic Sunrise was released from Russian custody after nearly a year since the vessel left the Norwegian port of Kirkenes to protest the dangers of Arctic oil development. The icebreaker was seized on September 19, 2013, following its inference with Gazprom as it prepared to drill the world’s first oil well in Arctic waters. Greenpeace objects to Arctic oil extraction due to fears of a spill and climate risks of burning oil and gas.

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