Haaretz/ Israeli military court indicts Palestinian who criticized IDF commander on Facebook

SHAFAQNA- Gili Cohen, Haaretz: The Ofer Military Court decided on Wednesday to ban an arrested Palestinian from entering Facebook after he criticized the commander of the Golani Brigade, and conditioned his release on a bail deposit of NIS 10,000. Only after an appeal was filed did the court decide to void the prohibition on entering Facebook and to reduce the bail to NIS 4,000.

In the indictment filed by the military prosecution, Zahada Suheib, 32, of Hebron is charged with publishing a message with diplomatic significance, threatening a soldier, insulting a soldier, attempted persuasion to throw an incendiary projectile and calling for holding a march without a permit.

Suheib was arrested last Friday after Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein approved investigating him pursuant his Facebook posts against Golani Brigade commander Colonel Ghassan Alian.

Suheib manages a Facebook page called “The people of Hebron.” Among things he wrote on this page are: “To all Druze and Bedouin collaborators and to all Moslem and Christians serving in the IDF, know how you are valued by the Jews.” In another status he wrote that “there is news of the death of the murderous Golani commander, killer of children, Ghassan Alian, after an attack by the brigades. Every sinner comes to his end; the blood of Gaza’s children was not shed in vain. Go to hell, Ghassan, you and anyone who followed you.” The post refered to a false rumor that made the rounds during the fighting.

In another posting Suheib wrote: “Ghassan Alian, responsible for the massacre of Gaza’s children, is from Shfaram. People of Shfaram, you speak Arabic and live in Palestine. Is this how you consent to killing us, through one of your sons? This is a massacre of Gaza’s children, carried out by a Druze from Shfaram.”

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