Hajj precautions and measures from Muslim lifestyle expert Nader Sabry

SHAFAQNA - This year, Saudi Arabia will welcome approximately 1.3 million pilgrims to the two holiest sites in Islam, Medina and Mecca. But as with any over-populated event, there are health and safety risks.

Nader Sabry, the founder of the fist Muslim lifestyle firm, advises pilgrims to follow precautions and measures to ensure that their Hajj journey is a healthy and safe one.

1. Keeping hydrated: It goes without saying that drinking plenty of water hydrates your system and keeps you going during Hajj. However, it also allows your system to repair itself and fight off any potential airborne diseases.

2. Prayer mats: Sabry says it’s crucial to use a personal prayer mat for the duration of your trip in order to prevent the spread of germs from person to person. His firm created the first NASA space technology- physiological prayer mat that has an antimicrobial surface for hygiene purposes.

3. Antibacterial wipes: As Hajj consists of several stages and constant movement from place to place among millions of people, keeping your hands clean is vital. It prevents the spread of microbes when eating, taking medicine or shaking hands with people.

4. Mask: Because pilgrimage is highly populated, airborne microbes can easily spread from person to person. Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth lowers the risk of direct infection while breathing.

5. Eating Honey: Healthy eating is essential to keep your immune system strong and able to fight any potential and contagious diseases. Natural honey is filled with nutrients to keep you energized and also works as a natural antimicrobial.

6. Oregano Oil: According to Sabry, a daily dosage of 2-3 drops of Oregano oil will disinfect and protect you from airborne or surface contracted microbes that enter directly into the respiratory system.

7. Food diary app: As food consumption patterns change during travel and pilgrimage, Sabry recommends downloading a food diary app to keep track of your food intake.

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