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Hajj is upon us

SHAFAQNA – God said in the Holy Qur’an, “And proclaim to the people the Haj (pilgrimage); they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every distant pass”.

Haj is on and there is no more beautiful sight than the sight of the hundreds of thousands of Muslims coming from all entry points, dressed in white and with one mission, to perform their  duty.

It is said in the Holy Qur’an, “And Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca) to the House (Kaaba) is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford the expenses (for one’s conveyance, provision and residence)”. Although it is not obligatory for Muslims, who are not able financially, to perform Haj but in order to do so, many people will go to extreme measures to ensure that they are able to do it, even if they were financially unable.

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