Hamas condemns UNRWA’s decision to stop aid for Palestinian refugees

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-The Department of Refugees’ Affairs in the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has strongly condemned UNRWA decision to stop food and rental assistance to Palestinian refugees fleeing from Syria to Lebanon starting from next month.

The Movement stated in its press release on Thursday that UNRWA decision was taken under flimsy pretexts, claiming that those families are not qualified to receive aid according to the last survey.

The statement declared the Movement’s total rejection of UNRWA’s decision especially in light of the Palestinian refugees’ poor living and economic conditions after fleeing from the bloody events is Syria.

“We call on UNRWA to reconsider and cancel its decision and to continue providing Palestinian refugees with their basic human needs without exception.”

The statement also called for improving the refugees’ living conditions and protecting their legitimate rights provided by international resolutions and conventions especially the right of return.



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