Hamas welcomes another round of reconciliation talks in Egypt

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-The Hamas Movement welcomed Egypt’s intention to host another round of reconciliation talks, hailing its role in supporting the Palestinian unity.

Senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan stated on Sunday that his Movement is keen on reaching understandings with its Fatah rival to end all contentious issues and achieve genuine national partnership.

Radwan added that the coming meetings in Cairo would be a continuation of the previous talks that produced the reconciliation agreement that was signed in Gaza City.

He said that these meetings would address the problems that emerged after the formation of the unity government and its failure to shoulder its responsibilities towards Gaza, stressing the need for finding effective solutions to the problems.

The Hamas official noted the unity government has a six-month term of office with specific missions and would be replaced by a new one if it failed to fulfil its obligations under the reconciliation agreement.



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