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Hamburg Islamic center become the base for deep scientific dialogues in West


At Germany’s Islamic academy and international capacities of Islamic seminary convention that was held at the Imam Khomeini center for higher education in Qom, Ayatollah Arafi expressed hope for the longevity of this Islamic establishment in Germany and Europe and said, “This good tree has grown roots in Europe and we hope it will become a large strong tree.”

Head of Iran’s Islamic seminaries referred to activities that can be carried out in various fields of Islamic propagations in Germany and said: “If this Islamic center in Germany is properly directed and its professors and students have a firm determination, it can become a base for deep scientific interfaith dialogues in the west.”

In another part of his remarks, head of Iran’s Islamic seminaries asserted, “Having a comprehensive and balanced view at all aspects of human personality is a necessity for a teacher. If a teacher’s view is not comprehensive, the education and training will have less effect on the students.”

Head of Al-Mustafa international university added, “Fortunately, today Al-Mustafa university has more than 100 disciplines, and in the upcoming horizon, this number will increase to more than 400 disciplines; these endeavors for development are due to the view that educators who are supposed to train the community should pay attention to all kinds of issues in the society.”

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