Date :Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 | Time : 09:53 |ID: 15991 | Print

Hamid Mousvi urges Arab League, OIC and Saudi scholars to play role in preventing death Sentence of Baqir Al Nimr

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Suprme leader of Shiite Ulema borad Quaid.e.Millat Jafria Agha Syed Hmaid Ali Mousvi said that conspiracies have been hatched against Islamic world. Arab league, OIC and Suaid scholars should play their role in forcing Suaid Government to quash Baqir Al-Nimr’s death sentence. In a special message at the occasion of Annual Ghadeer and Mubahila ceremony he said that Zionist in the disguise of Daesh have seiged holy places in Iraq and Syria. They are indiscremenately killing Shiite and Sunni mulsims. On the other hand India is trying to suppress Kashmiri Muslims and there are attempts to end the special status of Kashmir.

He added that US backed Bahraini Government has unleashed tyrannies against Bahraini minorities and there is genocide in Myanmar and Kashmir. Hamid Mousvi questioned l Western leaders that why those who went for referendum in East Taimour and Scotland are hesistant to go for same process in Myanmar, Kashmir and Palestine.

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