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Haneyya: We will develop resistance potentials, beef up reconciliation

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-Marking the first day of holy Eid al-Adha, deputy head of Hamas political bureau Ismail Haneyya vowed that Hamas will keep up developing resistance weapons in Gaza until every single inch of Palestine is liberated from Israel’s grips.

Addressing a large congregation during Muslim’s holy day of Eid al-Adha (the Greatest Feast) in Gaza’s Yarmouk stadium on Saturday morning, Haneyya said: “Hamas will do its best to invest the latest triumph over the Israeli occupation and build up on its results.”

Hamas shall never tolerate any attempt at disarming the group, he vowed, adding that the resistance’s attacks will be unleashed against the Israeli occupation only.

In another context, Haneyya called on for the need to work out all files of national reconciliation and put signed accords into effect.

The senior Hamas leader vowed to forever beef up the reconciliation process and the Palestinian national cooperation.

He further stated that Hamas will be strategically open to all pro-Palestine Arab countries and the international community.

Haneyya stressed Hamas commitment to take Palestine’s case to the international criminal court, press for membership in the Rome Statute, and prosecute Israeli war criminals.

“Among the most important strategies adopted by Hamas is the reconstruction of what had been destroyed in the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza and the healing of the wounds of hundreds of homeless Palestinians,” he pledged.

According to Haneyya, Gaza’s victory has come to restore balance in the region and confirm that the fight has been basically fought against the Israeli occupation, never on a religious or a sectarian basis.

He appealed to the Arab and Muslim nations to pool resources so as to prevent any potential bloody scenarios in the region and halt all sectarian tensions.

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