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Harish Chandra Dhanuk, a Hindu Taziyadar of Imam Hussain (SWA)

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Continuing his family’s 135 year-old tradition of morning during Muharram, president of Taziyadar Sewak Sangh (TSS), Harish Chandra Dhanuk penned these couplets remembrance of Imam Hussain.
Karbala Imambade dard ke sadien de raha,
Hindu bhi ghame Hussain shamil ke raha;
Na mitella Hussain naam tumhara, Hindu ye keh raha

Dhank and his followers, comprising a huge number of Hindus, religiously observed the mourning during the Muharram. The TSS has s history dating 135 years back when Gayadeen constructed ‘Kishnu Khalifa Imambara’ at Waseeratganj in 1880 after he came in contact with Islam.
“Gayadeen didn’t have children was quite despondent over this. He visited every temple and other religious place of  religious belief. He then turned to Islam and got the Imambara constructed in remembrance of Hazrat Imam Hussain. “A few years later, Gaydeen was blessed with a son and he staunchly believed that it was the blessings of Imam Hussain”, Dhanuk, a descendent of Gaydeen, told.
Since then Gayadeen and his family-members observed mourning in Muharram, with deep-rooted religious sentiment. “We follow Hindu religion and rituals, but we also observe mouring during Muharram”, he said.
“During my father’s days, there were no clashes and people of all the communities and sects had high regard for the procession,” he added.
On the seventh of Muharram, Dhanuk brings Taziya at the Imambada constructed in his residence. Besides his family members, some friends and lucknow Mayor Dr Dinesh Sharma visited the place every year to pay tributes to Imam Hussain.
“I want to visit holy shrine of Imam Hussain in Karbala. I have even got my passport prepared for the same and kept it near Imambada. Whenever i get divine call, I will visit the holy shrine,” Said Dhanuk.

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